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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Review: Letters to Katie

Letters to Katie Letters to Katie by Kathleen Fuller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Amish novels and I've not read one for ages, found this on my kindle, I had this from net galley for ages and it slipped down my kindle pages.

I'm going back to my roots here, I used to read heaps upon heaps of Amish writers books one of them being kathleen Fuller. Pre Kindle days.

This is a sweet, romantic and kinda easy read and its the 3rd book in the Middlefield family series.

Kathleen Yoder is a yound Amish woman, she's in love with her best friends twin brother and has been for a long time, trouble is, he is quite emotionally distant from her. A case of unrequited love and we know how that feels when young.

Johnny is very different, he has gone down the wrong road in life. His decisions are not very well thought out and he takes endless wrong turnings and paths in his walk through life.

I found him frustrating.

Kathleen's letters are heartbreaking where she pours all her emotions into them.

In these pages we have heartache, heartbreak, generations of a strong family, strong women, strong family units.

A very strong positive read.

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