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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Review: The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within The Darkness Within by Lisa Stone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adore Cathy Glass books and have done for many years, so, when I saw she was releasing a psychological thriller totally unlike the books she writes and using the pen name Lisa Stone, I just hadto read it.

So this is her debut novel in this genre and that is how I chose to read it. Like a totally different person. It worked well for me so that I could mentally pull back on how I knew her to write.

I read this as I would a debut novel from any new aspiring author.

Psychological thrillers are right up my street and back again.
This has proved to be of no exception.

I could see that the character Shane, was a nasty piece of work. He treated Rosie his girlfriend in the most abusive manner.

It starts when Shane goes out driving under the influence of many disagreeable substances and ends up dead.

Jacob has been waiting on the heart transplant list for some time, his health is deteriorating rapidly, he has a change of an organ left from Shane's terrible accident.

His dad is a Rev and of course very religious. His Mother is worried about Jacob of course as she doesn't want to see her son die.

Rev Andrew and Elizabeth are an upstanding family in the community, Shane is a very amicable young man.

Jacob receives Shane's heart.

Hence starts the tale of Cellular Memory.
That's when I recalled a couple of films I had watched in the past so this is not a new thought or concept but a very interesting one.

Now whether this is feasible or not it evoked an intriguing thought.

I remember a film where someone's hand was transplanted onto someone else's arm, it took on the form of this evil person who once owned it.

The premise of the story is well thought out, well written and emotional for all parties. I found myself Googling this Cellular Memory for any latest thoughts in this area.

There were a couple of question marks over the exchange of drugs, but its minor details compared to how the story was told and the impact it has on its reader.

Thought provoking stuff I would say!!

I think the Rev should have had more of a role to play, but this is just my preference.

I feel this author has a lot more to give in this genre if this debut novel is anything to go by.
I look forward to what she does next.

My thanks to the author and Avon Books UK for my early copy via Net Galley.

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