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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Review: The Himalayan Summer

The Himalayan Summer The Himalayan Summer by Louise Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really love the cover. And the blurb enticed me too!

I wanted to get my mind set for this read because we are talking NOT WOMEN in the U.K.

This is Himalaya, India, Nepal and Tibet in the 1930s.
Life, culture is so different.
Women and children are treate differently.

Ellie may have a British husband but he's very overbearing and controlling. He wants control and Ellie does all his bidding and filfills his needs and wants.
They have twin of the tender age of 10 months. They are fair in hair color.

It's a case of, what you see isn't all what it seems. Because although to intense purposes they look like a happy couple it's very deceiving.

The bit that had my mouth gaping open was when the earthquake took place. How would you feel if you could save just one of your children?
I was so in that heartbreaking decision with her.

When Ellie returns later to recover the body of her son it's to find someone has taken it.
She doesn't turn to her husband though.

All in all, just who wins out in strength of courage, in the search for the body of her son.

Beautiful scenic narration, outstanding storytelling at its best with such emotion.

A must read.
My thanks to Headline for my copy

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