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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Review: Fractured

Fractured Fractured by Arika Wolly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found the premise of the story a good plot for a new author and of course new to me.

I am writing my review based on the fact this is a new author.
Compared to some I have read over the years this is good. It's a story that will appeal to many.

This young girl was very oppressed and abused by her mother. Her enstranged father at times, to me, seemed her only stability but that in itself brought problems due to him no longer living in the family home and having a new partner.

An event occurs which I can see the strength of the narration from the author in putting through the effort the girl had and her adrenaline flow in her accomplishment, however, for me there was just something a bit not quite right that just didn't sit with me well.

But this is her first book and I am not an author, just a reader.
I have seen authors grow from strength to strength. I am very certain that is what will happen as her future books are released.

Lots of competition on that, so it needs to be in par with the best.

I found it a satisfying read.
My choice is I love dialogue.
So my request is, more dialogue in book 2 less narration. But that's my personal choice not a reflection on the author.

It flowed well. The words used for description to pull into the "feelings' of what was happening was good. I felt her struggle.

So for me personally based on that this is a new author, it's good. I'm looking forward to seeing her grow.

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