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Monday, 6 March 2017

Review: The Food of Love

The Food of Love The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a totally and utterly compelling read.
My heart broke for all those involved in this mental health story of anorexia.

For Freya the Mum. An excellent Mom who continually questioned herself. Going over the fact that maybe in some way she was to blame. What she said? What she did? The anguish that brought her was very much a Mother's emotional state with anything affecting your child.
The denial, then, the acceptance followed by "I can sort this, I'm her mom"

Lexi was a sweet child, being in the throws of anorexia did change her nature right away it was also picked up by the school. Then, of course Freya's denial surfaced.

Lochie her husband and father to Lexi and their other daughter, came across as a really excellent hands on father.

From all intense and purposes this family unit was majority very good, communication was excellent. But living with anorexia makes a person devious but not of they're own making.

The mental anguish that Lexi went through brought me to tears. Mental health thoughts/beliefs are immensely misleading to the norm. You get a distorted view. And that's what Lexi had.
Looking in the mirror wouldn't tell her that. The brain plays tricks.

Lexis sister I really felt for. Sometimes she had to take a back seat. Oftentimes seeing to herself. Thus the neglect she felt at times she understood but of course at times resented.
The main focus was on getting Lexi well.

The entire story had an impact on me. How we see food.
Bulimia, Anorexia and overeating. It's not the food is it, it's the mental way we control it.
"It" controls us, not us controlling it.

People find it difficult to understand but once you've read this book written in such a way you are looking in through the window at this family it takes on a complex view.

So touchingly written. It broke my heart.

What a fantastic read!

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