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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Review: 2016 on Goodreads

2016 on Goodreads 2016 on Goodreads by Various
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First off, I would like to say "Happy Christmas and here's to a great reading New Year for all coming soon in 2017!"

It's made my reading more pleasurable getting to know fellow buddies on Goodreads. Following and commenting or liking they're reviews and it cheers me on when I get like or comments too, always a kind gesture and buzz for me.

Last year in 2015 I found I took on too many books. I had read almost 400 SO in 2016 I decided to become someone who said....thank you but.....I can't fit it in at the moment.
It has worked to some degree, however what with Net Galley being a very tempting shop for me to daily browse (which I have no control over unless someone physically restrains me lol) I'm in there morning, then night.

Book addiction has no cure!

This means I am forever playing catch up. Goodreads friends comfort me by telling me I'm not the only one so I breath and don't panic so much.

Through others I've added to my I Want to read that book....pile. You know the pile. The one that's toppled over and it's quite a mess now some books at the bottom are gathering dust lol and the ones you come across thinking, oh I will have to buy that book only to find you already have it.

This year has been a fabulous year for lots of debut novels that have knocked my socks off. They really have been so outstanding in there presentation you would think they have been writing for years.

It's also been a year for follow on books in a series which had been long eagerly awaited by myself.

Some of my fav authors started a new series which has now left me panting for book 2.

I have made this year a time for me to revisit a genre I used to love reading many years ago so that although I do love Psychological Thrillers it can break up my reading.
Family dramas and relationships, type of Josephine Cox, Danielle Steel, and the late Catherine Cookson type of books I was weaned on.
This then clears my mind so I don't compare one book in a genre with another.

One thing my reading and reading other fellow buddies reviews is, we all cannot like the same book.
But I think that's great as it opens a fab discussion.

I also realise that we as readers expect more. And rightfully so.

The self published authors really have to step up as they have some real competition in each of the genres. There has been so wicked awesome books again this year that will stay with me.

Hyped books.
I'm always late reading those because if I don't leave them for a while I WILL expect too much and be disappointed, I've learnt that about myself.

Reviewing on Goodreads and for Netgalley plus being contacted by authors has opened me up to new reading material and some fab books that I may have passed by.

Lastly there are 2 other things.

1- I would like to thank my friends on Goodreads as well as those connected with me off Goodreads for recommending books that I may have missed or messagi g me to let me know that they are sure I'd love it.

2- Also to thank those that have made me feel better when the hardest bit of reviewing is when you didn't enjoy the book so much. It's one of the most difficult parts to explain what didn't work knowing an author has taken time to write it.

My 2017 is going to be another fabulous year along with all my avid book buddies and authors.

Raise a glass to us folks!

Happy New Book Year xxx
Here we come

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