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Friday, 11 November 2016

Review: Tattletale

Tattletale Tattletale by Sarah J. Naughton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was one hell of a book'

When I started it, in the first few chapters I was struggling to work out who was who and what was what. I was thinking ' please don't say this is going to be a book that I have so longed for, danced when I got an early copy to read, but it's going to fall flat on it's face'


Once I got to learn who was who.

His fiancé
His sister

Then the ones in the tenant block.

The ghetto sort of surroundings.

Then I understood which character was going back in time or their thoughts, that was the major start for me, I couldn't stop reading. Then when I did have to stop, I couldn't wait to start again.

It's complex in its characters as each have a brutal past or living in a domino effect from they're emotional hell.

The fact that Abe is in a coma means no one can ask questions of him and find out the truth.

It's an intense, purely raw book that rattled my head.

Would I recommend you read this? Yes
Stick with it, it all becomes clear.
The title of the book caught me, I now know why the author chose that title.

My thanks to Orion Publi Group via Net Galley for providing me with an early copy.

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