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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Review: Void

Void Void by David M. Staniforth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When the author invited me to read this book assuring me it would be 'right up my street'. I was a little unsure because I have had lots saying this lately even in genres I don't read, but something made me take the plunge.

I have to say I nose dived into the book not really knowing if I would like it.

I can gasp in horror now because if not for the author I may have just kept this book on my Kindle as I had purchased this some many months ago, hesitating to read it.

Just imagine yourself in a car, its freezing cold, you are in a street you don't recognize. Where are you? That would be enough right? Well no, its a case of who am I as well.

Memory. That's a minefield.

Our memories can play tricks on us, they can distort events, selective memories..

And as memories return, can they be trusted.

This is a very cleverly written book, I nose dived into it and it smothered me for hours where I forgot the world around me. Now that is mostly impossible for me to switch off from life,but this book did it.

It gave me tingles

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