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Friday, 21 October 2016

Review: Saving Sophie

Saving Sophie Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's taken me three days to read this book which is unusual for me. Something like this I would have read within a day or two.

I've fluctuated between loving it, hating it and having gasps of ' really?'
Just some things I found hard to swallow with ease.

I liked it.
I will remember it.
I would recommend to some, not to others on my reading list.

I could see this as a book buddy read as lots of things to discuss from within the pages.

I liked the plot, enjoyed the twist.

Sophie's been out with friends.
She's been brought home in a Police car totally incoherent

Sophie's mum things it may not just be drink but she's been drugged too.
Her Fathers quite exasperated by Sophie.

Something isn't right.

Then next we learn that one of her closest friends, Amy is missing.

When Sophie wakes the next day she remembers nothing.

Of course the plot thickens, and it thickens well.
It's a book that needs sticking with and sometimes reading between the lines.

The Mum with acrophobia is torn between her disabling illness and needing to be pract I felt her mental anguish and emotional fight.
Her husband got very exasperated with her too. He didn't seem to be the most understanding of partners at times and I wondered why. I found out at the end.

Saving Sophie was of course about Sophie, but I think it also saved her parents.

My most annoying problem itching at me was the way Sophie handled things, or, didn't handle things.

One minute scared so needing her Father to meet her after work, then another time seemingly to take chances. Or it maybe just me.

Because I did enjoy it, I'm happy to give it 4 stars because it evoked many thoughts and feelings in me.

My thanks to Harper Collins UK for my copy via Net Galley

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