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Monday, 8 August 2016

Review: The Devil's Work

The Devil's Work The Devil's Work by Mark Edwards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mind blowing, riveting intriguing, many what I can "aha" moments only to find out I was wrong!

I am always so eager when another book comes out from this authors desk to us readers. I cannot wait to get my hands on it, devour it, because I know from my past experiences reading this authors books I have had so much enjoyment I can forget everything around me and just be in the moment.

This book was of no exception.

The book comes alive. For many of us avid readers we can read an excellently driven book just like someone who is watching a movie.

Sophie Greenwood is the main character in this lead. However, she becomes embroiled with others along the way. Shes started a job in Jackdaw books, its an ace of a job for her, something she always wanted to do.

However things just aren't all what they seem with Cassie, the attractive aloof one in the office.

And what happened to one of the girls who used to work there who mysteriously upped and left with what seems a plausable explanation.

I am trying hard not to reveal things and spoil peoples enjoyment of this book.

There are good books, there are average books and there are books that stand out in the crowd [and lets face it, the book world now a days is very crowded] but Mark Edwards books shine out like a beacon.

They are not just middle of the road books that we can say, OH yes, that was a good book...
Its more like, OH YES I remember that book it was .....da da da.......Its one that stays with you for a very, very long time.
Its one of my 'unputdownable' books until I finished it.

I loved it so much I just had to congratulate the author by email.

My thanks to [the author of course] and to his PA for sending me this to read. And Thomas & Mercer via Net Galley

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