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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Review: Molly Meets Trouble

Molly Meets Trouble Molly Meets Trouble by Megan Atwood
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I loved the concept of this story and the hidden moral behind it all. I adored the illustrations.

Molly had a best friend, but the best friend is a pen pal who lives far away from her.
Jenna [who is nick named Trouble] is a real pain in the neck to Molly.

It has some points of retaliation in the book which although was funny in parts I found odd in the word context for children.

There are layouts in the books that look like letters on paper being written to her best friends [her pen pal] which adds a lovely touch to this book. I struggled with the wording though and spelling jargon.
I know that we all are into the abbreviations of wordings now a days due to texting on phones, emails, messenger, but to see this actually in letters that are being written to her friend caught me off guard.

I would have liked this to be a proper written word book and not just a learning curve book against how to deal with bullies or peers that are causing you bother.

For a children's book I thought it was more adult thinking instead of childish thoughts when in narration.

But then, that's just me.

*My thanks to Capstone Young Readers via Net Galley for my copy of this children's book which was lovingly illustrated*

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