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Friday, 25 March 2016

Review: Dark Secret

Dark Secret Dark Secret by Janice Frost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a Great follow up from book one!
The opening chapters in this book has you biting your nails and feeling quite tense. If you received an urgent text needing to be somewhere because someones life was in danger you would throw on your clothes trying to hobble one foot and a time putting your shoes on and at the same time picking up your car keys right? well imagine that in your head and you have the 'almost' openings of the first chapters. I am not giving away much else but to say that his book just gets better and better.

There was no sure way to find out who the culprit was in this "whodunnit" book, it lead to so many that at one time I thought the entire characters were in on the plot!

Very well written, fast paced and time will fly by. I had to read this in one sitting, I just couldn't go to sleep until I finished it.

My thanks to Joffe Books via Net Galley for my copy to read and review it was awesome.

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