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Monday, 1 February 2016

Review: I Came to Find a Girl

I Came to Find a Girl I Came to Find a Girl by Jaq Hazell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have had this book on my Kindle for some time and it must have gone further down my pile.
I was fascinated with the title of the book, it sounded very beguiling, intriguing and fascinating.

My honestly is that its a very well written book. I can't fault it there. And at times it kept my interest, at times it faltered and then peaked again.

Its left me feeling up and down with my experience of this read. I felt it more a poetic read than an intense thriller.
Words take on several meanings and they hold power to grip you, grasp you and not let you go, and this held me in a vice at times, and at other times I felt deflated. I wanted to LOVE this book, but I liked it. Its a good read. Its kinda different. But I can't explain how.
I thought the blurb was intense, that's held my interest to read it.

Others may love it, as its well written. I like the oddness of this read.

I'm sitting on the fence and that's not like me at all.

Thank you Jaq Hazell for allowing me to read and review your book.

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