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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Review: Hope: Stories from a Women's Refuge

Hope: Stories from a Women's Refuge Hope: Stories from a Women's Refuge by Rosy Stewart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was approached by the author who asked if I wanted to read and give an honest review of this book.
I agreed as it appealed to me and I have read many books relating to topics such as this.
They are not very nice topics I agree, but they are 'real' and it does happen. I never bury my head in the sand as you cannot deal with things around you otherwise.

Its not a long paged book so I was happy to fit it in between reads.

The layout of the book is very well presented as it deals with a different person each time and with different dilemmas and situations.

What pulls it together is Sue, the person who runs the refuge.
The connection with a Police officer and later, someone connected with a story line in the book itself.

Its lovely to get "happy endings" to life, but sometimes it doesn't happen as much as we would love it too and just once I would have liked to see that one of the stories didn't pan out as a happy every after. Am I morbid?
I am not sure, but I am simply down to earth and know that life isn't all what its cracked out to be or that everyone 'gets what they deserve' be it Police wise with CPS or criminals.
Some do, unfortunately ::::get away:::: with it.

I suppose that was my only critical point with it. I think I am a realist!

Happy smiling faces after an awful time isn't always the way.

Its very well written though and I enjoyed the way the author made each character realistic. However, in among the awful situations, abuse and those needing refuge, there was always that feel that Sue would sort it out.

For me I think it needs some tweaking to be more real. BUT that is just my thoughts on it and may not reflect on others reviews.

*My thanks to the author for allowing me to read this, as always, I do write honestly how a book makes me feel*

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