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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Review: Don't You Cry

Don't You Cry Don't You Cry by Mary Kubica
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mary Kubica is an author I accidentally came across. First time was on Net Galley.
Her secound book was sent to me via her Publicist.
Both books I thoroughly enjoyed so when I was sent an invitational widget to download this book, did I wait? Did I heck.

I had to download this and as I was reading this I thought this was a slow burner, what's happening.

As I read though, it was like someone had light a bomb on a huge was sizzling undercurrent and slowly moving along. Then.....

I am not going to tell you much about the storyline because some is in the blurb and some in reviews, so to say more will only make for spoilers.

How did this make me feel?
Well at first......I wondered where this was leading as it seemed a little slow.
Then the story began to rise, like yeast in bread. Leave it long enough and it will overspill. This was just like it, the excitement building up in me with eagerness of wanted to shout "C'mon I need to know".

I loved all of her books, this one just has the edge.

*My thanks to Harlequin (US & Canada) via Net Galley for my copy to read and review*

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