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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Review: The Widow

The Widow The Widow by Fiona Barton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I started to read this book, I hadn't read any previous reviews. I didn't realize that this is the authors debut book.
Ignorance is bliss....

Until I started reading it and got messages like..
"You are going to enjoy this Sue"
"Its an amazing read"

When I hear that, I think....hhmmmm I hope so.
But if its from some reviewers who I know is 'spot on' then it makes all the difference and I got some of those, so I thought.....yes!

I have to honestly say that I am gobsmacked this is Fiona Barton's debut book. It has class, it has all the elements of a brilliant thriller, its paced well, the characters are 'real' you can actually reach out and touch them.

I don't know what I can say about this story that hasn't already been said without giving the plot away, but I will try.

At first, Jean came across to me as a weak flimsy wife. A woman who had no control over her life and she did everything her husband told her.

Her husband Glen is found to be a porn addict. He excuses himself and goes off to another room in the house a lot. He likes cyber sex and woman dressed as young children.

A child goes missing. Taken.

Is Glen the person who took her?
Is Glens sexual addiction, kinky and worrying taken him onto paths leading to bigger crimes?

Did Jean know?

Jean believed in her husband, she stood by him, its unbelievable he would do "such a thing".

When Jeanie finds out...

Glen explains "Its not real Jeanie, its fantasy, these are women in their 30s dressing up as children"

They said so in court so it has to be true right?

Jean is not convinced at first "They do this for men who want to do this to children"

Its sick right?

Jean thinks maybe its a man's 'way', its just a 'man thing'

But Bella the little girl is still missing.

Jeanie had a secret obsession. She wanted a baby but couldn't have one because of Glen.
Glens way of dealing with any problems in life is...
draw a line in it and never to speak of it again.

But Jeanie has an obsession...

This being Fiona Barton's first book is amazing, this is certainly someone I will be following.
I have connected with her on Facebook and Twitter. And I have found her webpage.
Stalking? who me?
No, news updates for future books!
I suggest you do the same

I loved reading how her first novel came about, you will find it interesting reading. I know I did.

My thanks to *Berkley Publishing Group via Net Galley and of course the author for keeping me guessing throughout and making my first reading experience with this new author a fabulous one*

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