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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Review: Stealing Innocents

Stealing Innocents Stealing Innocents by Cari Waites
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OMG am I sick in the head or something? I actually couldn't put this book down even though I thought I might throw up on some occasions.

I read the warnings:

Reader discretion advised. This title contains the following sensitive themes: drug use, dubious consent, emotional abuse, explicit violence, heavy kink, non-consent, self-harm, sexual assault, child abuse
Totally became inquisitive. Its like a sign that says ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK you think, oh, why is that then? Maybe I'll take a peek, well, that was me with this book.

Danny is only 18 years of age. His Mother left at an early age. His Father is a gambler with a huge problem, he owes money to Casino's all over.

Danny is used to 'helping his Dad' but he didn't quite know what he was getting himself into with this kind of help. Oh no sir E!

Danny doesn't have any sexual experience. He's attracted to girls, but man oh man his experiences are going to be mighty confusing to him now.

He does these acts to pay off his Father's debt, but now he is "owned" by the new man he is to call Daddy.
This is pretty fucked up to say the least [no I don't swear easily but I need to in this instance]

My mind was going from "what the hell" to "how can you feel like that"

Its dark alright
Its kinky alright
Its disgusting in every way imaginable, but compulsive reading because you don't quite know how to get your bloody mind around it!

I read on and on. Gasping.
I had aches in places that hurt I didn't know I had!

The author states:
Stealing Innocents is an exploration of our darkest human impulses, where sex is power, love is horror, and there’s no such thing as a happy ending

Boy is she right.

Innocent people to start with
Knowledgeable about all sorts of 'stuff' come the end.

There are three stories in this book. I have just highlighted the first one.

The second is about Troy. He's a cop trying to deal with Human Trafficking.

The third is about Drew who is in a mental institution who has dream in the night, about his Doctor, are they real?


You need to think if you are disgusted by kinky sex, abuse, men using men, many men using a boy without permission, all sorts of sexual devices being used in orfaces unimaginable, then this is not for you.

I have read it, this author has written it well, but I am middle aged and think this is more for the TOP SHELF kind of read. It really is sexually explicite in such graphic detail.

The warning only touches the surface. I think that's why [like me] DON'T means....just gotta go and see........
I did and I was shocked.
BUT I still read the three stories to the end.
Why? Because each had a hidden message. Each was so understandable for the reasons they got into these situations, I can't explain why I'm giving this 4 stars, my bum cheeks are tense just writing this review.

I am not easily shocked, and I wasn't, just in some parts disgusted to think that this may actually be true in someone's life somewhere, if so, they need help.

Why did I read it?
The same way you may choose to read it, CURIOSITY when you see the words of WARNING.

I was given this book to read and review by Riptide Publishing via Net galley

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