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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Review: Righteous Release

Righteous Release Righteous Release by Richard Gardner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have some memoirs, I have read some honest and open books about peoples lives, abuse, marriages, breakdowns and religious "breakaways". But I have never read one like this before where it is actually written into a novel but its the authors life.
Really a brilliant way to write this and impact more on readers of fiction as well as fact.

David has been brought up in the Eternal Fellowship from a very young age. I discover that its so stringent and so strict that you wonder how people could remain in it and follow things to the letter.

Well, if anyone is wondering this, let me say. I was brought up at a Jehovah's Witness from the age of 7 years old. You are taught such things that you just believe, you do know about others lives, but hey, their life is wrong, you are doing it God's way. I broke away at the age of 40

We follow David through his marriage to Ruth. Hmm that was an ordeal in itself.

We see how all outside things are shunned and looked down upon, TV, Cinema, media and such.

Certain things are not celebrated and certain things are. You are different from the "world" and so that means you are not "wordly" but you are doing this for God...right?

David starts to get his eyes opened. He starts to question things, I found that the most interesting, it reminds me of someone waking up from a very long coma.

It has its highs, it has its low moments and it also has some amusing [from my point of view] moments.

I do not look down on anyone's faith, but I am sure you know someone, someone on your street, someone in your life, even someone on your Facebook page that is religious and are totally OTT about it all. My dad used to say there were some 'religious fanatics out there' and I really do know he was right.

Don't be mistaken that this is a book just like a memoir of his life, this is infact a story.

If you love a good story knowing its based on a true account and told from the heart, this is your book.

Richard Gardner has surely written a very readable account of his life.....
but all doesn't end there.

*My thanks to Richard Gardner for sending me the paperback version*

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