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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Review: Relatively Strange

Relatively Strange Relatively Strange by Marilyn Messik
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book totally took me out of my comfort zone.
So in all honestly, why did I read it?

I am a sucker for a great cover and one that catches my eye [yep, I'm shallow]
But the blurb enticed me.

I am so glad that I dared to tip my toe into the water of a book that I may have turned away from because, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the author Merilyn Messik writes so well its believable and you come to accept everything about it.

Stella has these abilities to do things that others of the 'norm' cannot.

I thought....hmmm

But you know what, what is the norm? What is acceptable and what is not?
Don't we all have some things in our that others do not accept and find odd about us?

Well, this is Stella. And each of us are unique, so is Stella.
We see how Stella had to adjust at times to "fit in" and become "acceptable" to others in her walk of life.
Haven't we all got to do that at times, some of us don't have to think about it, but if you did stop and think, I bet there were occasions when you did have to adjust.

Stella meets many trials along the way and none worse that facing a head on medical experiment.

Stella comes from good Jewish stock. She has many abilities, such as psychokinesis ( to be able to move objects just using her mind]

I couldn't help thinking of that TV Programme years ago called Bewitched.
The part that was played in it [ok she was a 'nice witch'] but she had powers to do certain things, sometimes for the good and sometimes because she just got upset. Stella at times came across like this with a great sense of humour which had times made me chuckle.

There are sad times, happy times and amusing times and some very trialing times for Stella within the pages of this read.

I found this wonderfully strange......but at the same time, acceptable.

*My thanks to the author"

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