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Friday, 8 January 2016

Review: No Longer Safe

No Longer Safe No Longer Safe by A.J. Waines
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A. J Waines has fast tracked into my top 20 Psychological/crime thrillers list.
Her writing flows with ease and steady pace with pitch and power that sometimes relaxes and reaches a climax.

Years ago at Uni, Karen took Alice under her wing, but as a person feeling sorry for someone not in a protective nature. Because Alice was disadvantaged.

Alice was seen as weak, easy to manipulate and and 'weird' after all, her Father was an undertaker right.

She also had a stutter and was timid.
Karen had another close friend Jodie, and Jodie had a boyfriend.

This journey starts where Karen contacts Alice to meet up and catch up on the 6 years they haven't been in contact. Meet and stay at a cottage in the Highlands of Scotland.
She learns that Karen now has a daughter who had health problems.

Its winter time
No heating
No real close community
And its snowing, full of snow. This impacts on the story a lot.

Unbeknown to Alice Jodie and Mark turn up.
Mark turns out to be some dope, I really could have slapped him.

Alice however, she thought it was just going to be the three of them, Karen, her daughter and her and they could catch up on what each of them been doing in the past 6 years.

The thing is, Jodie needs a wake up call in my opinion.
Karen has something to hide.
Alice is not the girl they once thought her to be.

This story that was woven had me on the edge many times. I sort of knew, I sort of didn't, I thought someone in the book was going to turn out to be something he appeared not to be.....but he didn't.

I don't know how this authors does it, I don't know where she dreams up her stories, but she really does entertain me for many hours. Trouble is, once I start reading her books, I can't for the life of me put it down. I have to continue reading until the end because I can't sleep, I can't rest.

Reading a book for me is like pausing a good film halfway through, I just can't do it.

Well done A. J Waines, you did the impossible.....again.

You really draw on your knowledge and your experience.

I cannot fail to give 5 stars.

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