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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Review: Chosen Child

Chosen Child Chosen Child by Linda Huber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The very first book I read by this author Linda Huber was The Cold Cold Sea, if you look at reviews on that book, you will see how many loved it.
I was included in that and couldn't wait for her next book.

Here it is!

I love the colour of the cover and the details on the book cover too.

Chosen Child

This focuses around Rick and Ella.
They find they are unable to have children of their own so give thoughts into adoption.
Both have different outlooks on this. Rick wanted a boy. Ella was OK with that. But of course, you cannot help your emotions. We hear it said, you cannot help who you fall in love with and this proves true in Ella's case when they are both invited to meet some children at a relaxed venue with other potential hopeful Moms and Dads.

There is another story running alongside this, its Amanda and her son.

You are wondering how the two stories connect, and you are left like that for some time. Its well worth the wait. It keeps your thoughts working and you waiting in anticipation for the two to merge and become one.
So well thought out by the author I thought.

This story has heartbreak, it has secrecy and it has lust.
Its an unexpected secrecy that has nothing to do or connect with a child.

Have I whet your appetite yet?

Without giving spoilers, this has many dimensions that will leave you dangling in space wondering which way to lean to get on solid ground again. Unexpected surprises throughout this book I have just read and thoroughly enjoyed.

Linda Huber is one of those authors that needs to be shouted about from the rooftops, she is truly a good story teller. She needs recognition. In my humble opinion she needs her stories to be read.

I have great respect for this author, she puts her all into her books and I can feel this as I read. It flows so well, it reads superbly and although like other books it has chapters when you can mark it, put it down and pick it up later, let me say, I couldn't do that, I had to read chapter after chapter and just couldn't sleep until I had this finished.

I blame Linda Huber for the bags under my eyes.

Thanks to the author who gave me an advanced copy. I am only a reader who reviews and reads lots of books but I need to say, there are some I read for on my shelf here on goodreads [check them out] that I follow eagerly as I believe in their talent. And I am happy to read each book they produce.

This is released soon so please feel free to preorder it on Amazon.

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