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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Moment of Impact by Rene D. Schultz

Moment of ImpactMoment of Impact by Rene D. Schultz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a story that will change many peoples lives. It will affect seven people. It will affect them in different ways, from the survivors to the not so lucky.

No one knows what is around the next corner. And none of these people who will ride the train that day. Each with they're own lives, their own personal feelings, troubles, sorrows and love.

Young, middle aged or young, it will effect those people and the people who care about them and those that know them and those that have knowledge of them.

Step on that train.

By stepping on that train it will change their lives beyond repair, some for the better, some for the worse.

Moment of Impact is a hugely astounding read, because this does border on a mystery, family life, and most of all, an important story to learn from in life.

I have had the pleasure to read the very first big book that this author had written. Bishop street which lead on to me reading her next book Done deal.

I have read her subsequent books since then and each time I feel she cannot improve, she does. Its not her writing that improves, its the stories she comes up with. The heart felt messages that are within those pages and her ability to breathe life into each character that she writes about. So much so, that you see them in your minds eye, you hear them talking in your ear. For someone to have the ability to do this for a reader is a true talent.

I look forward to each book she writes as each one is unique.

May I read many many many more from this author and may she go far.

Thank you to Rene Schultz for allowing me to read an very early copy [beta] and to be with you in this fabulous journey.

I am hoping the only "Impact" with my journey with you is recognition of your talent.

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