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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

When The Serpent Bites by Nesly Clerge

When The Serpent BitesWhen The Serpent Bites by Nesly Clerge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have taken my time over this book. I have inhaled it, digested it but I have never spat it out. Its a tasty read that keeps your juices salivating as a bookworm, as anyone who likes a brilliant all round story.

When the serpent bites

What a fantastic title for a story.
I was kept wondering when this was coming to "bite me on the butt" because I just knew this title was going to be reasoned out somewhere..........
I had to just lay in wait for it.

Starks has it all. He has a lovely gorgeous wife, he has status and he has three children. A lovely home.
Starks and his wife were young lovers, they married and had a family.
To get where Starks is today, to provide for his wife and family, he had to work hard, and we all know that can take up a lot of family valuable time.
We see and hear of it eating into your daily private life.

This is what I took from this story at the beginning. His wife loved and adored spending the money but she was lonely.
But was she lonely from the marriage or did she have inclinations to 'wander off the straight and narrow towards lovers'.

Starks is not pure and angel white himself, he has had affairs, liasons with other women.

Starks is Jealous or besotted by his wife, which emotion you will have to decide for yourself, but it leads him down a path that alters his life in such a way he ends up arrested and then in court.

His wife speaks against him.

I felt like I was literally in that prison when the witnesses and his wife were giving evidence. I felt for Starks even though he harmed someone very badly.

Now follows his life in prison.

The scenes in the prison had me glued to my seat and I was resentful each time a member of my family interrupted me, I was annoyed when my eyes needed sleep. How dare they! I wants to read this, I was "into it".

Starks is now in prison.
I thought....
how is he going to manage in there! OMG he is used to controlling his life on the outside, hes a business man, he has status and power, the power that money can bring as well as respect.

He has one really true friend. We get to see him many times visiting and worrying about his mate Starks. He also manages his money on the outside.

I am not going to give more of the story away as I so want to....
but I don't want to do spoilers.

I can only say, "how the mighty fall"
"the mighty can raise again, but in different circumstances"

The thing is, not all the circumstances and the choices your are made to make are the moral and correct ones. Some need to be for survival.
Survival of the fittest.

We get to see the soft emotional side to Starks when it comes to his children. He worries about them with the mother on the outside, she's not the best at choosing new men in her life, and she is now pregnant again, but by whom.

When he does get to see his kids in prison, only two of them arrive as there are only three that can visit at one time, his wife came too. He wasn't happy with that fact, however, he did get to see his boys. He isn't comfortable with the replies from the boys when he asked a certain question of them. So you see how Sparks is devastated to think his children may not be being treated right.

I see some reviewers saying they didn't like Starks.

I did. I didn't like the choices he made, but I did understand them.
I could see he was driven by an emotion when his wife was found to be with other men eventhough he didn't see any wrong in himself being with other women.

I certainly found the time spent with the Counsellor for Starks in prison very interesting. I found the questions from the Counsellor very spot on, and his open viewpoints to allow Starks to think about his actions and his reasoning.
I learnt how Starks way of reasoning things were not always accurate.

We can all be at fault for that, we see something in one way, and others see it in another. We are good at making excuses for ourselves but not so good when making excuses for others. I saw this in Starks.

My jaw dropped to the floor when I got to the end. NO NO NO, it can't end like this....

I NEED book2

Have you not read this yet?
Why on earth not!

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