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Friday, 20 November 2015

Blackwater Lake by Maggie James

Blackwater LakeBlackwater Lake by Maggie James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a short novel with a lot to read in it. Its not so short that you feel you are missing out or something is being hurried. No, because Maggie James is an experienced author so she knows exactly how to weave a plot.

Here we have Matthew Stanyer parents, getting along in age. His Mother suffers with dementia, its getting worse and worse and her husband struggles to manage her.

They go missing.

Then they're bodies are found by Blackwater lake which is known as a beauty spot. Maggie James explains to us the surroundings so that we can visualize it in our minds eye, she also touches on how significant that area was for the couple.

A note was left. So its put down to a suicide-murder, meaning, his father killed his mother then took his own life.

Matthew doesn't think that to be the case and wants to prove his father's innocence.

As Matthew starts to clear out his parents home, he discovers more and more.

What was the attraction to Blackwater lake?

Clearing out the house is not straight forward because his Mother was a hoarder. What made her hoard so much stuff?
They could hardly move for boxes, rubbish and what looked like a burgled storage room.

Just imagine the smell that evokes too.
But what lays beneath the rubble?
What family secrets are buried.

This author is excellent at tackling different subjects and this one is no exception

 photo 25370289.jpg
 photo inside-the-hoarders-house-5.jpg

I could imagine these kind of surroundings, the life that Matthew had before moving out.
Now he is back, back to not only sort out the home, but to sort out the reasons for his parents "deaths"

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