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Friday, 9 October 2015

Written in the Scars by Mel Sherratt

Written in the Scars (The Estate Series Book 4)Written in the Scars by Mel Sherratt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have loved each book in this series. But this book 4 literally blew me away with the indepth characters, they're troubles, strife and woes.

The Estate is just it. Its an Estate where families live in different homes, some poorer than others, and each from all walks of life.

Some dysfunctional families that have terrible problems to some with everyday family problems.

Written In the Scars was a story to me where there were different individuals, some friends with each other, some related. All with Scars.

There some scars that can be seen. There are some scars that lay unseen by the human eye.

Lewis He had scars that you could see by his personality and his reactions in life. But they were not evident scars on the body. Oh no, not ones that could be seen for you to meet him and realize that he was scared. You would have to have known a little about him first. Otherwise, his reactions, his behavior would simply come across to you as a thug, a bully. But he Lewis was sad. He had a secret. He went through something that he couldn't cope with when in the Army.
He has PTSD symptoms.

He has lost his wife, he hardly sees his child.
He's determined to get them back.

Donna she has scars. The first half of the book you can't see her scars. They are emotional scars left over from her marriage.
She falls in love, another chance...she thinks.
Later though, she gets scarred.
Scars you can see, scars you can hear from her sad lips.

I cringed for Donna.

Donna has all her families burdens and worries on her shoulders as most Moms do.
She also is worried about her own Mother in the care home. Her Mother has dementia and she doesn't know what to believe or not, but is her Mother being badly treated? Another thing for her to worry about.

Then there is Sam.

Then there is Megan. Megan works at the hospital where Sam has had his operation.

Megan has scars, Megan has visible scars. But no one can see them under the heavy make up.

I don't know why, but each time I have read one of these books from The Estate by Mel Sherratt I feel like a nosy neighbor. Someone twitching at her curtains and peeking out after dark, watching the neighborhood and wondering 'just what is gonna happen next'. Its that kind of "feel" to me.
I am not sure if that is how the author wanted a reader to feel, but it certainly did that for me.

A kind of 'sit down at the table over a cuppa and a gossip about this one and that'

I also took away something from this book about Scars

We all have them.
Some are hidden.
Some are visible by the naked eye.
Some are known to us by the actions and thoughts plus decisions we may make in the future because of them.

We can be an acress/actor, and we can cover up our scars, we can invent ourselves and pretend they are just not there...
but there they are...
beneath the surface of:
Make up
A smile
A laugh
A thought
A frown.

And some need help overcoming the Scars.

Thank you Mel for a wonderful read that kept me up last night :)

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