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Friday, 2 October 2015

What Remains by Tim Weaver

What Remains  (David Raker, #6)What Remains by Tim Weaver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So why haven't I read one of Tim Weavers books before? That's going to change!

I have been so enthralled and so deeply enmeshed in this book it would have been hard pressed to move me in an earthquake.

This really did grab me right from the start.

The storyline in this is so good, its nothing that I expected and much more, very much more.

I thought it was going to be all about this detective who couldn't pull away from an unsolved crime [see authors blurb description] but its more detailed than this and included the detective himself.

This has so much RAW emotion inside it, its unreal, I didn't expect to feel anything like the emotions I felt, not at all.

The detective becomes a missing person and you are on the edge of this for its entirety so, turn your phone off, don't answer the door, put up a DO NOT BE DISTURBED sign on your location. You really need to read this from start to finish. My kindle said 11 either get someone else to cook dinner, throw something in the slow cooker and get them to help themselves or get them to phone for take out.

Did I love this? You bet.

If you've not read a book by this author can I urge you to read this.

I so want to read the rest of the Rake series.

Let me thank the author for bringing such a fab book my way and to Penguin UK - Michael Joseph via Net Galley as without this, I may have missed a superb enthralling rememerable book.


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