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Friday, 9 October 2015

The Drowned Boy by Karin Fossum

The Drowned BoyThe Drowned Boy by Karin Fossum
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am a bit of a sucker for reading books with children in it, either missing, kidnapped etc
This is one of them that caught my eye.

We have a young couple, young in age, married, with a child of their own.

The one thing that made me cringe each time was that their son had Down's syndrome and it was a problem for the Mom, I think it was her attitude that wanted me to slap her and appreciate the child she had.

The trouble was, he was only a little toddler and on a hot summers day the Mom left the door open, the toddler was found dead in the pool.

They were always meaning to fence it off, but they never got around to it.

But not all is what it looks to be.

The story did thrown me on and off the scent at times to whom I thought it was, and although I was correct in the end and for the reasons it was still a jaw breaking plot that left me gasping to the end.

The couple were portrayed brilliantly.

The young Mom got really on my nerves and I wanted to shout "grow up for goodness sake" but as we read on, we can see why she is like this, why she is self centered and at the end, I was questioning her sanity.

Her own Father has quite an influence on her.

Her poor husband, the heart broken lad of this dead child was so well written I wanted to put my arms around him and comfort him.

We each grieve in different ways, so I thought Mom was just "coping" the best she knew how....
I thought Dad was in bits because that was how he was grieving.

But Chief Inspector Sejer who is 'on the case' has picked up on some troubling parts of Moms story.

I would have given this 5 stars but for some repeated paragraphs in this which annoyed me, I thought I was re reading a section all over again...

Karin Fossum is a wonder author who really knows how to spin a tale.

**My thanks to Random House UK, Vintage Publishing via Net Galley for my copy **

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