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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Damaged by Simon Law

The DamagedThe Damaged by Simon Law
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What have I just read. Just what have I devoured over the past two days.

This has been one of the most powerful books, the most 'peek through my fingers' type of book I have read for a long time.

This story starts out very very well indeed. It brings you up to the time of the big storm, we are not talking just a little bitty storm, oh no, we are talking big trees falling down, roofs off houses and destruction.

Matthew is just a boy.

Twenty five years on from that time, Matthew is discharged into the community from a Mental Institution where he has liberty, where he is free to make his own choices. BUT somethings from the past can shape our future right?
And Matthew is not immune from this fact.

Matthew in on tablets, he has to take his psychiatric meds, some very strong meds for his psychosis.

He has Tammy who comes in twice each day to administer his tablets and she has to make sure he takes them.

Tammy is a care worker. She has other clients she visits on a day to day basis. But with Matthew, he is different, she is not used to mental health problems, she is not used to caring or seeing to a person with a psychosis.

Tammy had her own problems. Tammy has her own issues.

Matthew has his.

Matthew and Tammy become attracted to each other.

Matthew has a problem with tramps.
Tammy has a friend who is a tramp.

There is a bit of gore in the middle of this story and I have a vivid imagination that took me beyond what I was reading so I skimmed some. Not because it was awful, but because I am like someone who closes their eyes when the gruesome bits happen. I'm a scardy cat.

There is a piece written in this book where Matthew is pulling something that looks like a twig from his body, the way the author writes it, I could feel it myself even my bum cheeks were tense!

This is so well written, that I am amazed it doesn't have more reviews.

If you are reading this, you are missing out [truly] on a very good addictive read.

None of us know how the brain works, none of us know how others would react in certain situation or even yourself.

At times I was on the edge of my seat wondering where Simon Law was going with this.

The final chapter will leave you speechless.

*My thanks to the author for this copy because without it, I just wouldn't have seen it and would have missed out on an awesome read....tension build up read"!*

Can I just say though, I don't much like the cover. Me and my covers...yeah I know....but I just had to mention it.

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  1. I have this on my kindle unlimited! I hope to get to it before it goes off KU! :)