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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Stalker by Michael Stoney-Channon

StalkerStalker by Michael Stoney-Channon
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I was contacted by email from this author to see if I would like to read and review his work for an honest review.

My review is mine and mine alone and I am finding this very hard to write.

I contemplated for several days and agonized over if I should just not leave a review at all because its below a 3 star.

After chatting it over with a couple of book buddies I felt that I had a duty really to write a review, as the reviews are not for the authors alone, they are also for potential buyers of a book or product we write reviews for...right?

I REALLY was going to settle down and read this. I love a good "stalker" book at times. But this is riddled with typing errors. I am not just talking of your spelling mistakes now and again. I read a lot of Indie authors books and I beta read and proof read, so I am used to over looking errors and concentrating on the story knowing this will be picked up at a later date by the editor.

I am seriously wondering if this book has had its final proof reading or even a check of spelling and grammar.

Its very difficult to concentrate on the story so I tried.

Believe me, I DID try

I gave this every effort and concentrated very hard but the story was very choppy.

I couldn't understand why there were so many good ratings on this book, so I thought I would check as maybe I was sent a wrong copy??!!

When checking the members who read this book and left reviews I could see that they are new to Goodreads, only this coming month or two. AND they have no other books some of them on their shelves.

One is actually giving away a copy of this book.

I couldn't help but ponder on that.

Readers are not silly.

The characters were flat.
The story jumped so much I just was sighing and getting more frustrated as I tried to concentrate.

Maybe, just maybe with some help and a lot of tweaking and help from others this book could appear on more readers shelves. However, at this presentation, I would give it a pass.

**This is not an easy review for me to write...
so I hear you ask...
Why write it then.

Because, I read and review. I cannot recommend a book that is as badly written as this.

I could ignore and forget I tried to read it.
But this is a diservice and I feel not an honest part of me, and seeing that I say I am "honest" I would hiding something.

I telephoned Maxine who is a book buddy of mine and we talked. Because I had already read the book. I had been hesitating adding my review. When I saw hers, I was WOW, yes, I felt the same way.

Thank god, relief.

Truly sorry for the author as Michael has not got the review he wanted and hoped for. I am happy to read this again and re-evalute when it has been altered and readable.

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