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Friday, 16 October 2015

Bright Stars by Sophie Duffy

Bright StarsBright Stars by Sophie Duffy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We are back to the 1980's here were there are four lads at Uni.
Each of the lads are very different in character and make up, which I sometimes wondered how they merged together as a friend unit, but they do say that Opposites attract right?

This story goes back and forth to the time in Uni to present day events, gradually leading us up into the 'now'.

We learn about a tremendous tragedy and they each go their separate ways.

One of those lads..Cameron Sparks is now 25 years old, he's lost his wife, job is on the line and he has to move back with his Dad. He still hasn't got his head around the tragedy he's recently learnt. What a blow...

Anyway, a letter arrives, or should I say, an Invitation from one of the others he knew back in the day..Christie.

He has a dilemma now, does he go? Or should he leave the past where it is and build on what he has left?

This is a heart rending, sometimes emotional read for poor old Cameron, he surely needs a break in his life for some good to happen.

A well written story that kept my attention through out.

My thanks to ^Legend Press and Net Galley for my copy^

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