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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Those Children Are Ours

This is one awesome read that had my attention right from the start. Here we have a mom, married, but not happy and leaves husband and children for wider and greener pastures. She gets involved with all sorts. But there comes a time when there is that "wake up call" and she has one of those, regretting all that she stood for, all that she did, and wants her children back.

She gets to know God too and this changes her life around.

But its not easy, infact its almost darn impossible as she fights to see her children again, the brick wall is her husband, why should she gain access to them? SHE was the one that left.

It gets dirty, hands get dirty, boxing gloves go on and all her life comes back to smack her in the face. Everything gets dredged up like dirty water.

And even her life is put into danger.

Having not have heard about this author before, I am now looking into more of his books, I really did enjoy this story.

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