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Friday, 18 September 2015

The Mistake I Made by Paula Daly

The Mistake I MadeThe Mistake I Made by Paula Daly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is portrayed as The Mistake I Made is the latest page-turner from one of the England’s most captivating new thriller writers. In her provocative and riveting third novel and they are not wrong.

We all make mistakes in life right? Some small tiny mistakes, some dirty great big ones and some we just cannot change.

Roz is now a single parent working as a Physiotherapist.
Her young son is in trouble at school, AGAIN.
Her business is failing, her finances at critical point.

She arrives home one day with an eviction notice at her door.

What can she do? This is serious stuff, they are soon to loose their home.

How can she make some money to pay the rent.

Roz goes off to her sister's 40th birthday bash to try to forget and just enjoy it then think about it later.

At the birthday party there a lovely man there who takes a liking to her but he is well and truly married and she won't go there....

Later though, he cannot forget her so he tracks her down and propositions her. How about spending a night with me for money.

This is not just a well thought out book but an insightful book. We can never judge other people until we walk a mile in their shoes, isn't that how the saying goes?
This is truly how I felt when reading this.

Its not as straight forward as it sounds and Paula Daly has done a fantastic job with this. It has its fun moments in it too which made me laugh out loud on more then one occassion.


My thanks go to the author and to Grove Atlantic from net galley for my chance to read and enjoy this lovely book.

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