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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Tear Drop: Irish Crime Thriller by Joanne Clancy

Tear Drop: Irish Crime Thriller (Detective Elizabeth Ireland Crime Thriller Series Book 1)Tear Drop: Irish Crime Thriller by Joanne Clancy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes! This author has left me wanting more and right now

This is book 1 in a brand new crime series by Joanne Clancy. I have read other books by this author and she never ceases to astound me, her writing is always spot on for a reader, she starts off at a tremedous rate that only keeps you gasping for more as each page you flip.

Ross Campbell vanished from the face of the earth. He was wanted by the Police. He was a Serial Killer. TEAR DROP
All becomes clear why he is nick named Tear drop as you read on.

Elizabeth Ireland, a former detective with The Metropolitan Police [now turned Private Investigator} was the main lead Investigator back then.

Then it seems the Serial Killer has come back, ready to start again.

There is an Irish reporter working for an Irish newspaper who receives a letter, this points to all and sundry that Ross Campbell is back and starting his killings again.
Everything points to the fact and there seems to be deaths mirroring the same type of crimes.

Elizabeth is invited to come and involve herself in the case as she was vital to the role before several years earlier. Which she takes up. However, not all goes to plan.
Elizabeth has a secret of her own. Its a secret that I can feel many times within the book, I can feel Elizabeth sweating it out, as she changes the subject many times, I don't know how she coped with the secret.

Someone else is brought back to, he is now what you call a Profiler. He takes all the facts and makes them into a profile of the Killer. Not all the Police are welcome to new ideas, however, there are those that can see the logic in it.

Preston though is part of Elizabeth's past, there is some tension to be had.

The author has thought this plot through and had me fooled. I had three suspects, then it was two. I was completely wrong on all counts.

Personally I really do not know how she came up with the superb storyline but I really need book 2 and fast.

How did it make me feel

That I was breathing this book. I didn't even go to sleep until the early hours because I wanted to finish it. I wanted to carry on until the conclusion because this is how this author makes you feel. You can't rest until you have read the entire book, I kid you not.

I would definitely recommend this book, its a 5 * from me because it had all the elements for a thriller.
Crime, intrigue, edge of your seat, biting my nails, making the reader think they 'got it and worked it all out', only to find you are off the mark.

The flow of this book was fast paced, no dips, or no dull moments, well, not for me anyhow.

I want to thank the author for my copy. Superb piece of craftmanship.

I need the next book!

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