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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Runaway by J.B. Schroeder

Runaway (Retrieval, Inc, #1)Runaway by J.B. Schroeder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book has it all

Mystery, Tragedy, Trauma, Abduction, Abuse, Romance and a huge big enormous amount of energy in its pages that keep you hooked

Abuse and abduction is not the most "nicest" of subject matter to read, but there is nothing explicit. More the 'hint' factor.

BLURB says :

Sixteen-year-old Laura Macnamara walked out her backdoor and disappeared without a trace

BUT why?

We get to understand why later in the book.

Mitch Saunders is a Detective. He takes some time off because his sister is missing.
He remembers the case of Laura years before, he was actually the lead in it, but it was shelved as a "cold case", no sightings, no body, no conclusion.

Now his sister is missing.

He knows she is a drug addict. His Mother and himself have tried all kinds of help to get her off of it, rehab didn't work. Near death experiences didn't either.

We see Mitch hunting his sister down relentlessly throughout the most down and out druggy places you could imagine.

Mitch discovers a familiar connection between the disappearance of Laura years ago and now his sister. There is one person in common with both.

Mitch comes upon Charlie. We learn early on that Charlie is in fact LAURA. The missing teenager from years ago.
Mitch has grown fond of Charlie. But will his relationship with Laura [Charlie] stop him from finding his sister?

NOTHING will get in the way of him finding his sister. Nothing at all.
Not even Laura's secret.

Not even Laura's hiding.
Not even Laura asking him not to.

What will Laura do?

Laura has more than one secret herself.

This book turned out much better than I was expecting , I am not sure what I was expecting really, but I certainly wasn't expecting to be kept awake most of the night finishing this book because I couldn't leave it alone, truly, I stayed up to finish it and was hanging the next day!

If you get a chance to read this, I urge you to as its certainly a full blown story, plenty of action in this one, plenty of things to think about and plenty of different slants on many avenues within the book.

Mitche's mother had my full sympathy when she was blaming herself for her daughters drug addiction.

Like all us Moms, we always blame ourselves don't we.

Fabulous book that brought out emotions within the characters personality that you could visualize. I think that is another reason why I loved the writing so much, the explanations of how the body language was with each feeling with each emotion, yes, this book is high ranking at the top pile.

I'm off to see what else this author has written.

* My thanks to Two Feet Press and the authors for granted me this book to read and review **

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