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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Distorted Loyalty by Stacy Eaton

Distorted LoyaltyDistorted Loyalty by Stacy Eaton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a story told in different points of view [which seem to be quite fashionable in the book world lately] sometimes they work without confusing the reader and sometimes they don't.

This worked

Also like some romances, and even in real life....
that "look" across the room at that lovely hunky guy or that gorgeous woman......and your heart melts.
Instant attraction.

Just like Doctor Rachel Wilde and Detective Grant Murphy who meet by chance.

The IMPORTANT thing is though, this is not just some "run of the mill" romance this has body and a lot of intrigue with it.



Is there life after death?

My Thoughts

I am not 'into' paranormal. by "accident" I stumbled on a book not long ago not realizing it had paranormal bits in it, I ended up loving it.

I also liked this one. That doesn't mean I will read paranormal, this one was just 'leaning' towards that genre I think. It had substance to this which I loved.

I can give it 4 stars because it actually was better than I was expecting.

I thought it was going to be "just" a romance, but oh no, it was much more than that.

Made a real change from my usual reads.

Take a chance on it, I did.

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