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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Slur by Heather Burnside

SlurSlur by Heather Burnside
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have had to give this my 5 stars. Its a debut novel from Heather Burnside and as a first book it is excellent in my humble opinion

It has everything, it has intrigue, it has mystery, it keeps you wondering, it keeps you digging further and further between its pages.

Just to think of you ladies, all the time we have been out in a nice little group, having fun at a club, drop one of your mates back home. Only to find the next morning you are suspected of her murder.

That is how the book starts. Then it takes you back to that night and everything about it and what happened.

It then nicely goes into the present time when Julie is remembering her thoughts of that night and then is jaunted back to the present as she arrives outside the Police Station.

I don't live in Manchester but I have been there, so picturing this in my mind was great.

I don't know how other readers feel but for me I get all goose bumps when I know the places that are written about in the book and near [ish] to where I live, at least in my home Country.

The jargon and slang was brilliant.

I am a great believer in writing as close to an accent as possible in a novel. It seems so false to speak the Queens English without some slang from certain areas.

Take for instance London. They have slang like "apples and pairs" meaning "stairs"
To take that away would be live taking away its character so I embraced this within the book.
I so love it when its like that.

Going back to the storyline.

Police have no evidence whatsoever but they assume a lot of things within this story.

Its a faced paced book I thought with a lot of things to think about.

Well done to this author for writing such a page turner.

I can't wait for another book from her.

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