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Friday, 3 July 2015

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

Pretty BabyPretty Baby by Mary Kubica
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading The Good Girl by this author which I absolutely loved, I was so eager to see she had another book due to release, so with some begging, her PR got me my copy via Net Galley via Harlequin

I wasn't wrong in my assumptions that this book was going to be as well written. It had a strong plot, great focus and alluring appeal to keep you turning the pages constantly wonder what is going to be revealed next.

We meet Heidi Wood, charitable person, likes to help the needy and 'do her bit' for society. We have all met one along the walk of our lives surely you know someone like that? I know I do.

They sort of pick up waifs and strays, people in need or people with problems and hidden problematic pasts.

This was no different for Heidi. Because of her giving nature she can't help but get involved more than others might do.

She is at the train station one day and sees a young girl cuddling a baby, its tipping down with rain and neither of them look well covered or well kept. Heidi notices a person in need.
Boarding a train the girl is then lost sight of.

Its not the first and won't be the last time she 'bumps' into this young girl who we come to know as Willow.

I am not going to give the plot away as its excellently written and very well crafted. It sort of keeps you lingering there, hanging motionless at times and get a little bit more information.

Heidi has a daughter. And like all young daughters approaching puberty she isn't the pleasantest of youths at times. Heidi also has a sad past of her own.

The plot in the story was gradually creeping up on me, I didn't see it at first until it gets you, all of a sudden.

Heidi's is meticulous when it comes to recycling and one of her neighbors isn't. The conversation between them was fun to read.

Heidi also has a husband, he is very driven and materialistic. He loves money. He is the complete opposite to Heidi. But they do say opposites attract, right?

My eyes were truly wide open at the end of this book and in awe of this authors follow up book.

She is definitely high up on my agenda for each book she writes.

A chance encounter sparks an unrelenting web of lies in this stunning new psychological thriller from national bestselling author Mary Kubica

She sees the teenage girl on the train platform, standing in the pouring rain, clutching an infant in her arms. She boards a train and is whisked away. But she can't get the girl out of her head...

Heidi Wood has always been a charitable woman: she works for a nonprofit, takes in stray cats. Still, her husband and daughter are horrified when Heidi returns home one day with a young woman named Willow and her four-month-old baby in tow. Disheveled and apparently homeless, this girl could be a criminal—or worse. But despite her family's objections, Heidi invites Willow and the baby to take refuge in their home.

Heidi spends the next few days helping Willow get back on her feet, but as clues into Willow's past begin to surface, Heidi is forced to decide how far she's willing to go to help a stranger. What starts as an act of kindness quickly spirals into a story far more twisted than anyone could have anticipated

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