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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dying to Remember by Glen Apseloff

Dying to RememberDying to Remember by Glen Apseloff
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

At first I found this to be looking like quite an intriguing tale.

Something I could 'get my teeth into' but the more I read the less I was eager to continue. It seemed OK, but the writing lacked something, empathy, emotions, feelings which I found quite disconcerting at times being that the subject matter is quite intense and emotional I would have thought.

I read it, and I would say it was an OK book.

When Dr. Christopher Barnes awakens from a coma, his world lies in pieces. A neurotoxin has left the surgeon with a rare form of amnesia that prevents him from forming new memories. Any new information vanishes within moments.

Then he learns that his wife has been murdered…and he’ll have to relearn this every day.

He vows to solve the case himself, but the police have their own theory—one that puts him at the center of a conspiracy to commit homicide.

Barnes spends his days piecing the crime together and trying to separate friend from foe. The more the cops build their case against him, the closer he gets to the truth…but the deeper he falls into danger.

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