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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Child of Privilege by Ross Ponderson

Child of PrivilegeChild of Privilege by Ross Ponderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to start by saying this is a killer of a read it really had my attention right at the beginning.

Abuse comes in different forms, sexual, emotional, mental or all three rolled into one.

Dana Van Werner knew what it was like to live in a home totally ruled by her Father. The beatings she heard on the opposite side of her bedroom wall every night left her drawn up into a fetal position. Scared, alone and worried. Crying. All she wanted was a 'normal' family life.

It wasn't to be.

We are not talking of a family with dire financial needs, no poverty here! They are rich, highly thought of in their Society of friends and business associates.

Dana could never make her Father happy. No matter how she tried, her ideas and dreams, her aspirations were not high enough, she should reach for the top not second best.

The anger of her Father later reverted to her.

Fleeing. Should she run?

She had Everything she needed, everything she ever wanted, nice home, no money worries, best education.

What she didn't have was peace.

What she didn't have was a life.

What she didn't have was support.

What she had was, abuse, beatings, rape, mental abuse.

To leave her Mother at the hands of her Father was hard and many times we see her writing [as she's drifting from one place to another] to her Mother.

She cannot risk being found.

Is she being followed?
Whose there?
Who should she trust?

I read this in one sitting today, hooked.

This is an author that I will definitely be stalking as I loved this book and how she related it so much.

There were surprising events that happened which I didn't see coming at all.

You don't have to be poor to be beaten.
The rich can hide it better with buying people off.

My one thought on this reading material was:

One little annoying feature.

Each time a character shouted that author USED CAPITALS and LARGE ones.
It took up a lot of ebook page space on occasions. Maybe a different kind of emphasis would be better?

Just one little fault.

LOVED IT and would recommend it to those that like family drama.

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