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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Wrong Place by M A Comley

Wrong Place by M A Comley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mel Comley is a very good story teller, I have read her books on and off for years and this is an author that long ago had talent, she is still in there holding her own and there is no wondering why, its because, she is not a writer, she is an author, someone who can make a story live, someone who can bring the crime right into your sitting room along with the cast of characters.

DI Sally Parker is the new female lead in this series. I loved this DI, she was human, she had her own personal problems and made her own errors. But she is a formidable woman and will not lie down and take it, she stands up and finds even if she wonders where her personal life is heading.

Right from the start of this book I loved it. It opens with a crime scene that suddenly turns from what I thought was romance.......then the crime took place.

Of course, the 'whodunnit' is always a hard struggle to find out with this author as she keeps you guessing throughout.

Most serial criminals do not leave things behind if they can help it, no clues, but this one wants to leave DNA in each crime he commits. I wonders....why? Isn't he/she going to be easy to find?
I kid you!

We meet several characters in this book, and I am so sure that the author is going to expand on lots of them, which I am really looking forward to.

I always feel honored reading Mel Comley's new book and its a pleasure as we go way back to the Amazon discussion forums.

If you are reading this and not read one of this authors books before.....why not?

*Thank you Mel Comley for my advanced copy, as always, a thoroughly impressive read with hours of entertainment*

The first book in a new series by M A Comley New York Times bestselling author of the Justice series. Calculated Justice now available as a pre-order also for 99c/99p.

DI Sally Parker has a serial killer on her patch. One thing that sets this killer apart from the others she's hunted before: his willingness to leave DNA at each of the crime scenes. It's up to Sally and her partner DS Jack Blackman to find out why before the body count rises to double figures.

While Sally is engrossed in the investigation, her ex-husband, Darryl, pays a surprise visit to her new home. His actions not only threaten Sally's new-found confidence, but they also force the DCI to give Sally an ultimatum concerning the case.

Can Sally overcome all the obstacles fate has placed in her path and arrest the brazen killer?

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