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Friday, 5 June 2015

What Doesn't Kill Her by Carla Norton

What Doesn't Kill Her (Reeve LeClaire, #2)What Doesn't Kill Her by Carla Norton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When reviewers say "I couldn't put this book down" I'm like....Okay Okay.

Now I am going to say it...I COULDN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!

I really couldn't leave this book alone today, I was glued to it. Honestly. NO I haven't read book 1, and I still didn't think that I have lost anything by it. Well, no excitement wise or edge of my seat wise.

A young girl, on her bike goes swimming, on the way back gets a flat tyre.

A man sees her struggling and is heading the way she is, maybe he could give her a lift? She refuses.

He drives up further seeing her struggle with her punctured bike, maybe he could take the bike for her and she could make faster pace by walking instead of being hindered by this bike?

OK, good idea.

That is when she gets kidnapped.

I love a good start to a book! I'm an addict for a book to open well, I want to be literally THROWN shoved and mixed right up within its first pages, wow, this one did it for me. At the ending, it spit me out!

The intense feelings within this, the raw emotions, you could smell it. You could feel it. Honestly, it GRABBED you. This is the first book I have read by Carla Norton and she is now on my every growing list to keep stalking ready for her NEXT book.

Flint who was the kidnapper is safely locked up in a Psychiatric Hospital, good riddance to bad rubbish right?


There is someone who can help him escape and he does.

The cat and mouse chase is not the only thing that keeps you riveted, its the 'quietness' of it. Its sorta creepy. HE is sort of creepy.

Reeve is the girl who was kidnapped, she thought it was all in her past, she fought hard, tooth and nail to get her life back on this.

This was a gripping tale, much much more than I thought it would ever be.

I devoured this book.

Thanks goes to St. Martin's Press for allowing me to read this via Net Galley

From the acclaimed author of The Edge of Normal, a riveting new thriller in which the heroine must confront her former tormentor who has escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane

Reeve LeClaire is a college student, dammit, not Daryl Wayne Flint’s victim. Not anymore—not when Reeve is finally recovering a life of her own after four years of captivity.

Flint is safely locked up in Olshaker Psychiatric Hospital, where he belongs. He is walking the grounds of the forensic unit, performing his strange but apparently harmless rituals. It seems that he is still suffering the effects of the head injury he suffered in the car crash that freed Reeve seven years ago. Post-concussive syndrome, they call it. 

For all that Flint seems like a model patient, he has long been planning his next move. When the moment arrives, he gets clean away from the hospital before the alarm even sounds. And Reeve is shocked out of her new life by her worst nightmare: Her kidnapper has escaped.

Less than 24 hours later, Flint kills someone from his past--and Reeve's blocked memories jolt back into consciousness. As much as she would like to forget him, she knows this criminal better than anyone else. When Flint evades capture, baffling authorities and leaving a bloody trail from the psychiatric lock-up to the forests of Washington state, Reeve suddenly realizes that she is the only one who can stop him. 
Reeve is an irresistibly brave and believable heroine in Carla Norton's heart-stopping new thriller about a young woman who learns to fight back.

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