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Friday, 19 June 2015

The Secret of Us by Liesel Schmidt

The Secret of UsThe Secret of Us by Liesel Schmidt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not just any run of the romance. This has depth and body and substance. I loved it.

This author Liesel Schmidt has a really good talent for writing emotions, the emotions in the book that play out on you, yes you, the reader in real life, now that is talent.

Eira Larson is planning her coming wedding with the man of her heart, Matt. They are sat in their favourite Italian restaurant when Matt abandons her and on the napkin she finds on the table is "I'm sorry". Can you imagine it? Can you imagine this happening to you?

What on earth........

He has vanished, no texts, no messages no contact.

Just what in the name of god has just happened? Was it her? Was it him? Was it something she did? Something she didn't do? Did he have someone else?
Or was it a case of simply "cold feet"?

I wanted to take this journey with Eira.

She tried to move on, make a new life for herself, but then someone's face in the crowd familiar appeared just who was this, I thought? Was it Matt?

Reading on I was wondering where on earth the author was leading with this, its a humongous journey I have been on with Eira, enlightening, frightening, worrying and darn right puzzling.

It held my attention from beginning to end today.

I was happy to receive this book from Carina UK Via Net Galley in exchange for my honest thoughts.

When your other half leaves you…
After her fiancĂ© breaks up with her in ‘their restaurant’, leaving her with no explanation other than an apology scrawled on a napkin, Eira no longer feels at home in North Carolina. So she leaves for the Florida coast, hoping that rebuilding her life will be easier somewhere new. But while her new home may hold no trace of the past, life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned…and suddenly, a chance meeting turns Eira’s life upside down.
…how do you know who you are?
Finally faced with the opportunity to ask her questions about love, lies, and the life she thought was hers, Eira realises that hearing the answers is going to hurt. Yet if she is brave enough to listen, finding the missing piece of the past might lead her to a brighter future than she ever thought possible…
The Secret of Us is the bittersweet new novel from Liesel Schmidt, perfect for fans of Cecilia Ahern, Lucy Dillon and Jojo Moyes.

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