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Friday, 19 June 2015

In My House by Alex Hourston

In My HouseIn My House by Alex Hourston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This start of ominously Maggie is walking through Gatwick and whilst awaiting to use the toilet she can see a woman behind her who is looking tense and worried. Looking at her again, she sees the woman mouth "Help" so when someone comes out of the toilet cubicle she allows the other woman to go first.

Getting her out will be a problem, but they somehow do it.

Some friction happens later and we discover a bit of why the woman was asking for help

I think this is where the "trafficking" is mentioned. I was expecting a different kind of glance on that, more of a glance really, more pronounced, however, the author doesn't take you down that route.

Maggie has a difficult time of it really as she likes her own time and her own company, she isn't much into social life. But Maggie can no longer be like this as the connection with Anja has been made and their life is now interwoven.

I am not going to say much more than that about the story.

What I got from it was, how friendships can develop over time with people you wouldn't have chosen to be a friend. How our choices makeour life. Our choices steer our lives to be what they are.

That our personality and make ups all being different lead us to people out of the blue who we connect with and don't really realize we can connect.

Living alone, minding your business, getting on with your own life that can all change in an instant.

And sometimes, for the better even if you didn't realize it in the firstplace.

A brilliant woven story that had me by the heart strings. I love every word.

Maggie lives a life of careful routines and measured pleasures. But everything changes when, walking through Gatwick a few days shy of her fifty-eighth birthday, a young woman approaches her and whispers a single word: ‘Help.’ 

Maggie responds, and in that moment saves a stranger, earning Anja her freedom and ensuring the arrest of a brutal trafficker.

But when the story gets picked up by the papers, Margaret is panicked by the publicity, as well as the strange phone calls she begins to receive.

Meanwhile Anja makes contact. She wants to thank her rescuer, but quickly insinuates herself into Maggie’s life. 

As her relationship with Anja intensifies, Maggie begins to reveal, in increments, what it is she has been hiding. As a picture of her past takes shape, we are drawn into a slippery moral maze in which every choice is compromised. Maggie’s account is faithful, but she will keep you guessing about what really happened until the very end

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