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Monday, 22 June 2015

Identity Crisis by Rochelle Paige

Identity CrisisIdentity Crisis by Rochelle Paige
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this, I liked this a lot

Its really well written and thought out. I loved the mystery surrounding this story.

I have to speak my mind here, so please excuse me, but there are so many books with 'hunks' on the front that it gives the impression the depth of the story is going to be sex, sex and more sex. [Nothing wrong with that] but how do we readers distinguish between them if they all look the same on the cover. OK, look at the blurb, I hear you say, but .......

Anyway, if I hadn't had looked twice and read the blurb I would have missed out on a superb bit of work.

Blaine the hot guy in this book, takes a phone call from a girl he knew years ago, not only grew up together, but there was once a couple.

She is in trouble. And he had always told her, if you need anything, I'll be there for you. Here she is.

He puts arrangements in order until he can fly to meet her.
Bearing in mind he's and ex part of the S.W.A.T team, so he has skills that would come in handy for this story unfolding right before your eyes, because when he gets there, things take a turn unexpectedly and it appears that she is now dead.

Trying to track her down he meets Delia. There is a connection between Delia and his ex. Not sure what it is. But all does get revealed.

However, Delia has the 'hots' for Blaine and I think Blaine doesn't object to Delia either. There is a similarity between his ex and Delia, they are doubles.

Blain is known as a gentle soul and this comes out in the book.

This is a book you need to read in one sitting, its not one you can put down as its very enticing. It so gets you that you keep saying "one more chapter" and then find yourself at the end.

There is SOOOOO much to this book that the hunky torso on the front. Not that I mind looking at it.

I will certainly be looking in to more of this authors books and definitely recommending this book to my book buddies.

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