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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cop On Her Doorstep by Karen Docter

Cop On Her Doorstep (True Love In Uniform, #1)Cop On Her Doorstep by Karen Docter

Now and again I like to change the books I am reading from thriller, psychological thrillers, heavy type books for a good old soppy romance, come on, who doesn't love one of them now and again? I especially love them when they have a lot of body to it [no, not as in naked bodies LOL] as in some hidden depth and not all mushy.

Here we have a woman named Carrie who is bringing up her six year old son alone since her husband was killed. He killed by S.W.A.T.

The trouble is, the young son wants to be 'the man' to look after and take care of his Mom, and she has a full time job keeping him out of mischief, hence the contact with Jake.

Jake has bought the place down the road from him, imagine this, Italian, hmm dark and handsome, polite, nice, sexy looking and hey, she can look can't she?


This is S.W.A.T. officer Jake Stafani.

Bearing in mind how her husband was killed.........

Then we have Jake who was on a job concerning gang violence, he lost a little boy. It has stayed with him forever, so now, he doesn't want anything to happen to her son.

You will understand this fully when you read it, the meeting of his neighbors son he marches back to Carrie, and like I say, this is how they first meet.

Prior to all this, Jake was forced into taking leave as a job he was on went wrong, so it was thought best he lay low for a while. His Uncle suggested, chill, meet a nice lady.

He didn't expect this to happen after his last relationship. But when taking the lad back, this is when he comes across Carrie, it is instant attraction.

He doesn't realize that she had a husband who was killed by the S.W.A.T and will reap quite a few bad sparks in them getting together.

Jake's job is his life, he loves his work. But he is harrowed by the past and what went wrong. This doesn't make for an easy ride.

Does the cop have a heart that can be hers?
Does she have the means of coming to terms with the past and what happened to her husband?

I am a HUGE fan of Karen Docter, this is a different story to what I have read of hers before. But she writes very well, brilliantly and takes you in the moment of each thoughtful script.

I agreed to read and review this and as always, give my honest thoughts on what I read.

In the six years since her husband was killed by S.W.A.T., Carrie Padilla has spent long hours at work, rebuilding a life for herself and her son. The little time she has at home is spent keeping her eight-year-old son out of trouble, but he is all too eager to try to be the man in the house. When a handsome cop shows up on her doorstep, her errant son in tow, Carrie's heart stutters. The sexy Italian cop sets off all kinds of bells in her system, and she knows there's only one thing she can do to save what is left of her family, her husband’s memory, and her heart...avoid her new neighbor at all costs.

S.W.A.T. officer Jake Stafani already lost one little boy to gang violence, the dead boy’s older brother is missing, and Jake's not about to let the same thing happen to a neighbor's son. He drags the youngster home only to discover much more than a passing interest in the boy's beautiful, but wary, mother. Forced to take a leave of absence after a bust goes awry, Jake can think of nothing better to occupy his time than to keep Carrie and her son safe, and locate the missing teen who holds the key to taking the gang off the streets, once and for all.

But Jake doesn’t count on his stubborn, intriguing neighbor distracting him from his job, or the passion that flares between them. He doesn’t expect her amazing son to steal a piece of his heart. Jake is ready to risk everything for Carrie, body and soul. But it’s not all up to him. If their new love is to survive, Carrie will need to be strong enough to see the man's beating heart behind the badge, to look beyond the pain of her past, and decide that loving again is worth the risk.

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