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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes by Karin Slaughter

Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes by Karin Slaughter

This is a short prelude to the next book. I can tell you this much, there is enough in here that keeps you thinking and and wait eagerly for her following book.

When a girl goes missing, she relates this to herself as the description is very much like the person she looks like, pretty girl,. blonde hair, blue eyes.........

Can't wait..........

Thank you [I think] Random House UK, Cornerstone for this book. Quick, need the next one

A missing girl in the news reminds Julia Carroll of herself: nineteen, beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyes.

Julia begins to dig deeper and plans an article for her college paper. She becomes gradually more obsessed with the case, never imagining how close she herself is to danger. 

Includes an extract from Karin Slaughter’s gripping new novel, Pretty Girls.

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