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Sunday, 21 June 2015

An Impossible Dilemma by Netta Newbound

An Impossible DilemmaAn Impossible Dilemma by Netta Newbound
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I would like to thank Book Enthusiast Promotions via Net Galley for providing me with a copy to read and review

I love the book cover its eye catching to me, I think that is why I looked further into what it was about. The blurb sounded 'just up my street' too and convinced me it was something I would most likely enjoy reading.

I am sat on the fence with this one.

All in all it a good read. But I seem to be a little different to my other review buddies here and say there were some things in this book that was bugging me.

First we had repetitives. Things that the author would reiterate later when there was no need to do so. This is just 'my' opinion. There would be a statement about something then a bit further on this would be repeated again. Readers do remember things. Its memory that helps you learn to read. And its memory that takes up readers on a journey in a book when we sit down and pick it up again later. We do have a good memory for details. So I felt, this bit did bug me. I have to say.

I had a problem with the perplexity of this book. It had a GREAT story to it, don't get me wrong. I liked it and I would say, go ahead, read it, make your own mind up about it.

Without going into details and giving my thoughts away, one perplexity of this read was the unbeleivable attempting to be the beleivable which I found so hard, yes so hard to accept.

This is most definitely verging on the side of "horror" However, if you do read horror as a rule then this will be mild or you may not class it as horror yourself, but, like myself, who doesn't read horror as a rule, this is most definitely horror. Its the ONLY way I can explain myself without giving something away.

Taking awaythose downsides, the book had an impact in me. As to how far you would go to save your child. However, you would need to be a sicko to do what's in this book. That is what was so unbelievable to me, it was done is so much of a MATTER OF FACT solution when in fact, it would have freaked me right out, in fact, no sane logical lover of human life and respect for others and certainly not a psycho would do, even think of such an act, not once, not twice but three times.

I have not given any spoilers away as you probably don't know what the hell I am on about, but read it, see for yourself. For me its a 3.5 stars because the book was something I needed to finish and the ending was good. But for those other points of concern.

This is my honest and open hearted thoughts.

British vets Victoria and Jonathan Lyons seem to have everything—a perfect marriage, a beautiful five-year-old daughter, Emily, and a successful business. Until they discover Emily has a rare and fatal illness.

Early trials show that a temporary fix would be to transplant a hormone from a living donor. However, in the trials, the donors died within twenty four hours. They have no choice but to accept their daughter is going to die.

When Jonathan is suddenly killed in a farming accident, Victoria turns to her sick father-in-law, Frank, for help. A series of events present Victoria and Frank with a situation that, although illegal, could help keep Emily alive.

Will they take it?

PLEASE NOTE: An Impossible Dilemma is not for the faint hearted - it has horror aspects and a graphic rape scene. Please do not read if you are sensitive to such matters.

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