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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Throwaways: Die Hard for Girls by Jenny Thomson

Throwaways: Die Hard for Girls (Book 2)Throwaways: Die Hard for Girls by Jenny Thomson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is book 2 in the Die Hard for Girls series. Its not a long read and can be read in one sitting.

The third book will be much longer [Jenny tells me]

This starts where the last book finished.

We see a hardened determined young female that is out for revenge.

I wondered why Jenny Thomson had named it Throwaways, I now have discovered that this is the name that Glasgow give to prostitutes/sex workers who have gone missing. I didn't know that before!

Although I enjoyed this book, it was much slower in pace than book one.

I thought she was out for revenge for herself, but, she out for justice and revenge for ALL women. So it reads a bit like a crusade in some way.

I like how this author has based it around a strong female lead. Although she could have become a victim [which she was] she could have just laid down and taken it, instead she stood up and fought. RIGHTS FOR WOMEN kept playing in my mind on this one.

The thought of her dressing up as a prostitute brought questions to my mind, my first obvious one was, what about when a car pulls up! But the author had already anticipated this and I got my reply quite quickly.

My personal rating for this one is 3.5 simply because it all came together too fast, things were solved too soon. And that I didn't feel that 'pumping' in myself as I was reading like book 1.

I still want to read book 3 though as I feel I have a LOT more to find out.

Thank you to the author for my copy

Huddled in a doorway, in a blonde wig and my best Pretty Woman outfit, I'm already soaked to the skin. Any minute now, a car will pull up and the occupant will ask me how much I charge for sex. As downward spirals go, this is bad. But I'm not here because I'm reduced to turning tricks for a living. I'm here to catch a killer... Throwaways - that's the word they're using for the Glasgow sex workers who've gone missing. But two people do care and Nancy Kerr and Tommy McIntyre won't stop until they discover the truth; even if it gets them killed

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