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Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Teller by Jonathan Stone

The TellerThe Teller by Jonathan Stone
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was happy to get this to read and review from Amazon Publishing it looked a really good solid read.

When I first settled down to read this, I really was thrown into something good.
Elaine is looking after her Mother, she is terminally ill and needs a lot of caring for. Elaine doesn't have much money, she can barely make ends meet. She cannot trouble her poor ailing Mother, so she is struggling on.

Elaine has a job as a Bank Teller, this doesn't earn much. By the time she has paid the rent, the bills, there isn't much more left over for anything. Especially no treats.

There is a man that comes in and deposits money regular. She doesn't know him well, only has the man who comes in each week and deposits money into his bank account.

The story was brilliant until.....

A lorry comes along and knocks him over in the street, dead.

Now Elaine transfers a fund of $1 million from his account to hers.

I just found this convenient, and just a little far fetched.

The story did take off again a bit later with the twists in it. But the bit of her transferring money into her own account was just too high out there for me. And for her to get away with it?

I know this is 'fiction' but there is fiction and there is fiction!

Believable fiction...

Unbelievable far fetched fiction...

Fairy tale fiction.......

Its someone between the latter 2 for me I am afraid.

I do like a believable storyline.

Because its well written, and because it held my attention until the lorry knocked him down and she 'stole' his was all going well.

3.07 for me.

However, you may like it, so this is just my version of the book.

Twenty-three-year-old Elaine Kelly doesn’t earn much as a bank teller, and most of her salary goes toward caring for her terminally ill mother. When a lonely old man who deposits money at her bank every week gets hit and killed by a delivery truck, Elaine—a good Irish girl from Queens—thinks she’s found the answer to her problems. She’ll just transfer $1 million from the dead man’s account into hers.

Except that the lonely old man may not have been who he seemed. And when you take $1 million that isn’t yours, it can cost you…way more.

Acclaimed author Jonathan Stone’s pulse-pounding thriller takes readers from the darkest corners of New York’s financial empire into a shadowy hierarchy of wealth and power. The Teller follows the money—and takes readers along for the wild ride.

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