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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Taste of Bad by Angel A.

Taste of BadTaste of Bad by Angel A.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was going to leave a 3.5 star for my review until I got to the end of this read. Then it JUMPED right up into my 4 star bracket.

I I like this?
Am I connecting with this?

But you know what? I was connecting with it more than I realized.

Zeph WAS a pure honest unadulterated guy, sincere in his love for his girlfriend, everything a girl could wish for seemed to be wrapped up in this lovely parcel of her boyfriend named Zeph. Did she appreciate him?

Well obviously not, because we are talked through Zephs POV of things that went wrong. His return to their apartment left him devastated and questioning what sort of person he was, what sort of man he was, what sort of boyfriends he was.
His doubts came to the fore because he couldn't have been the best could he? She wouldn't have done what she had done if so, would she?

This is where Zeph has a conversation with himself.

IF this goes wrong because I am a nice person...
why not be a BAD ASS.

My thoughts:

I don't often read a book with this kind of context, but something drew me to it, and besides, they say " a change is as good as a rest" so it was nice to reach outside again to this genre.

Angel A has constructed a very well thought out story. It is one I would say, grabs you by the balls right away or leaves you wondering if you should carry on.....I SAY....CARRY ON....because the heat fires up, the BAD ASS gets worse and the ending.....well, the just gotta read the ending.

I am so glad I agreed to read this.

That day Zeph walked in to his apartment, his world crumbled. What he saw permanently stained his thoughts; the toxic mix happening on his sheets stole the good within him. His love for her was pure and sincere, but she didn’t value that, and she did him dirty anyway. The betrayal she committed haunts his dreams, breaking his sleep. A good man goes bad. As a bad boy, Zeph undergoes many sexual adventures trying to fill the emptiness within him. But in one of his many adventures he encounters a woman that, with a kiss, stole his breath, causing him to mix sex with his feelings; something he never wanted to do again. She left him captive of her being; engaging him on a chase for her which leads him to get involved in another pleasurable situation--an adventure he only thought possible in his imagination.

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